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January 11, 2021 City Council Meeting Summary

I know that outgoing Commissioner Rideout's council meeting summaries were a beloved feature of his tenure. The new council is committed to maintaining his tradition, as well as encouraging citizens and the other Ward Commissioners to participate. My goal when I provide the update is to share via blog, email, and social media and allow recipients to opt-in or out depending on their preference. The value of using a marketing platform is that we can also see the scope of the citizen engagement.

That said... Here goes.

The newly elected Cambridge City Council convened at 5:15pm for a work session knowing that it was our first meeting and we figured we should work out any potential technical glitches and do a dry run of the agenda without voting or discussing items we needed to act on. It was good that we did because the Cisco Webex platform the city uses had a minor technical glitch and we had to work through that as well as we discovered a delay in the Townhallstreams coverage.

The meeting convened in regular session at 6pm with Mayor Bradshaw participating from Council chambers and other council and city department heads participating via Webex remotely.

The mayor mentioned when public comment would be permitted and instructions for dialing into the phone voicemail system.

Old business was to consent to a sixth extension of the Covid 19 State of Emergency which passed unanimously

New business was Resolution 21-02 for permission to submit a grant application for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for the Pine Street Neighborhood Revitalization project as well as for ADA accessibility to the old City Hall building. Point of clarification was made that the ADA request was "in addition" to the Pine Street request and cities can only receive CDBG money for ADA improvements. The Mayor opened the public hearing and there were no comments. A motion was made and the resolution was approved.

Next order of business was to select a new Council President and Mayor Pro temp. Ward 2 Commissioner LaJan Cephas was selected as the new Council President and Ward 5 Commissioner was selected as the new Mayor Pro temp.

There being no other business before the council, the mayor asked if any of the department heads had any comments of which there were none, and then a motion was made and the meeting was adjourned.

Please note that meeting minutes and agendas, as well as the ability to subscribe to city announcements can be found on the city web site at Also please click the social media links below to share to other platforms.

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